First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

What materials are Focals made of?

Focals are constructed of lightweight die-cast aluminum and Swiss Grilamid and Loop is made of polycarbonate. Charging contacts for both Focals and Loop are gold-plated stainless steel.

The hinges and nose pads are made in partnership with German optical suppliers, and are all finished in copper.

Dermatological Sensitivity

In light of recent dermatological issues with other wearables, we have been very careful with the selection of our materials.

Materials were chosen to have as little potential to react with the skin as possible. However, as with any type of jewelry, some people may experience skin irritation. Numerous factors can cause an allergy, such as reactions to bacteria that can accumulate on the surface of the materials of Focals  or Loop, a reaction between Focals or Loop, soap or perspiration, or an allergy to the material of Focals or Loop.

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