Who can use Focals?

Focals require that the display shines a small light in your eye at a very precise point. Wearing the right size and having the right fit is absolutely crucial to seeing the display. With the current range of sizes we produce, Focals can fit mostbut not allpeople and are not suitable for children.  

If you have questions on whether Focals will fit you, book a sizing appointment at one of our North Showrooms. A fit specialist will be able to determine if we have a size that will work for you.

A note on fit 

There are hundreds of size combinations available for Focals, but it’s possible that we won’t have a size that will let you see the display the way it was designed.

If we don’t have a size for you right now, we will store your measurements (see our Privacy Policy). We're working hard to make sure Focals can fit everyone, and your sizing data is important in helping us determine what sizes we support next. We’ll let you know once we have a size that will work for you.   

For any safety or medical concerns, contact Care by North or see our Important Information Guide. There are certain eye conditions that could exclude you from being able to use Focals.

Sharing Focals

Focals are made with a display only you can see. If you share Focals with others, they might not be able to see what you see or view the display the way it was intended.

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