First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

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Showroom Sizing Appointments

Your sizing appointment is the first step towards getting your smartest pair of glasses. Here’s our sizing appointment tips and what you can expect during your sizing process:  

A note on fit

There are hundreds of size combinations available for Focals, but it’s possible that we won’t have a size that will let you see the display the way it was designed..

If we don’t have a size for you right now, we will store your measurements (see our Privacy Policy). We're working hard to make sure Focals can fit everyone, and your sizing data is important in helping us determine what sizes we support next. We’ll let you know once we have a size that will work for you.

A Sizing Booth inside of the North Cobblehill showroom.

Top sizing appointment tips

Our showrooms have all of the resources needed to make your sizing appointment a comfortable one, but if you want a head start, here’s how you can prepare:

  • If you normally wear prescription glasses, it's a good idea to wear contact lenses if you have them. The 3D Scan uses visual guides to help you position yourself correctly. Wearing your contact lenses will make sure you can see the visual guides with ease.
  • The 3D Scan during your sizing appointment is highly accurate. So accurate, that sometimes hair will impact your fit results. If you have long hair or bangs, make sure it’s pulled back and away from your ears and eyes. If you notice fly-away strands, secure them with hair clips or a headband.

Missing a hair tie?

Our Showrooms have you covered. Your fit specialist will provide you with all of the hair accessories you’ll need to tame loose strands (and they’re yours to keep afterwards).

  • We love to accessorize, but sometimes jewelry, coats, scarves, eyewear, and wearable tech can interfere with your measurements. Before you enter the sizing booth, it’s best that you remove these accessories before your scan begins.


If you have ear piercings that are difficult to remove, not to worry. Your fit specialist will tell you about our tracking band - an adjustable gadget used to better detect the key features of your ears.

  • For religious wear, a fit specialist might ask you to move fabric that is covering your ears slightly so that the top curve of your ear is visible. Our Tracking Band will help with the rest of the feature detection - so no need to remove any religious clothing.
Why do I need a sizing appointment?

Because Focals shine a small light in your eye at exactly the right point, wearing the right size and having the right fit is absolutely crucial to seeing the display and using Focals.

Sizing appointments use a blend of cameras and software to collect key facial measurements that help us determine what size of Focals will work best for you. Without the right size, it’s possible you wouldn’t be able to see the display on Focals.

What happens during a sizing appointment? What happens after?

Each sizing appointment includes a 3D Scan, where a combination of cameras and software builds a detailed 3D model of your face and ears. With this information, your fit specialist will recommend Focals for you and send your measurements to our manufacturing facility.

A woman sits inside a Sizing Booth. There are cameras surrounding her and two monitors in front of her.

Next, you’ll get to see Focals in action and select a glasses style that suits you best.

You'll need to schedule a fitting appointment for some final adjustments and a quick reintroduction once your Focals are ready for pick-up.

How long are sizing appointments?

Sizing appointments should only take about 45 minutes of your time.


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