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Adjustments are how fit specialists tailor Focals to you so they’re comfortable, look great, and fit perfectly. Fit specialists work with the temple ends and nose pads on Focals by expertly bending each of these components to minimize any sliding or pressure points.

After each adjustment, a fit specialist will make sure Focals still rest in the correct position so you can see the display clearly.

A fit specialist uses a frame warmer to heat a temple end on Focals.A fit specialist uses pliers to gently adjust nose pads on Focals.

How long do adjustments take?

Adjustments can take up anywhere from 15-20 minutes. A full fitting appointment should only take about 30 minutes of your time.

Can I do my own adjustments or take Focals to another optical store?
Our fit specialists are highly skilled in working with Focals. Because of this, we don’t recommend self-adjustments or visits to other optical stores for adjustments.

Always go to a North Showroom and book a fitting appointment online to have Focals readjusted by a fit specialist - they’ll make sure you can see the display and wear Focals comfortably.

How will I know if I need more adjustments?
If you notice any pinching, pressure points, or sliding as you wear Focals, you might need your glasses readjusted by a fit specialist.

Visit a North Showroom or book another fitting appointment online to have your glasses readjusted.

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