Prescription Availability

Prescription Focals aren't available right now, but will be in 2019. If you would like prescription lenses, wait to book your sizing appointment until they are available.

Focals glasses supports single vision correction (no bifocal) prescriptions with a sphere (SPH) value between -4.00 to +2.00.

If you have astigmatism in either eye, you will have a cylinder (CYL) value in your prescription. Focals can support a cylinder (CYL) value up to -2.00.

At this time, Focals does not have any progressive (ADD) support. 

Can I use my contact lens prescription for prescription Focals?

Contact lens prescriptions are very different from prescriptions for eyeglasses. This is because the lenses for eyeglasses are focused 12 millimeters from your eye, whereas contact lenses are on the surface of your eye. For this reason, prescription Focals require measurements and details from eyeglasses prescriptions only.

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