Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Align your display

When your glasses fit perfectly, it's important to make sure your display is as crisp as can be.

Aligning your display ensures you can experience each view the way it was designed. Here's how to start Alignment:

  1. With your glasses on, open the Focals app on your smartphone.
  2. Make sure your glasses are connected and tap Alignment.

Fit Check

Each Alignment includes a Fit Check. Fit Checks ensure that your glasses are positioned correctly on your face so you can see the entire display.

  1. Your app will show you a tutorial on how to complete a quick Fit Check. When you're ready to start a Fit Check, tap Start.
  2. Position your glasses so that all arrows are visible and click when you're done.


Next, Alignment will begin. Your app will show you another quick tutorial on how to complete alignment.

  1. Start by focusing your gaze at a point on a dark colored wall near you. A comfortable distance for this is about 80cm - 2m away from where you are.
  2. Two colored shapes appear on your display. Use the four-directional button on Loop to move and align the selected shape.


    You can tell which shape is selected by looking at the colour of the + sign on the top right.

    Two circle shapes with crosshairs in the middle overlap each other during the Alignment process.
  3. Click when the shapes align with each other.
  4. Repeat these steps for two more shapes: use Loop to align each shape with the shape in the center. Click when you're done.
  5. On the confirmation message, select The Checkmark icon if your shapes are aligned.


If you still find your display is blurry or if images/colors appear to be misaligned, select The No icon and try Alignment again.

Because your glasses shift and move with you throughout your day, you might notice that images and text become blurry the more you wear Focals. It’s a good idea to align your display when you notice a decrease in display clarity.  

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