First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

Both my glasses and Loop don’t reconnect automatically

In rare cases, your Loop and glasses might disconnect from the Focals app and don’t automatically reconnect. Here’s a few options you can follow to fix this:

  1. Close the Focals app and turn off your glasses. Reopen the Focals app and turn on your glasses. Complete the connection prompts that appear in the app.
  2. On your smartphone, turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Open the Focals app and check for a connection.
  3. Remove Focals from the app and your Bluetooth settings:
  • In the Focals app, tap the Menu icon > Device Information.
  • Tap Remove Focals.
  • Open your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and forget your Focals from the list of connected Bluetooth devices.
    iPhone: For both Focals devices, tap the Information icon > Forget this device.
  • With your glasses powered on, open the Focals app. Follow the prompts to connect.

If you still can't connect, battery might be low

Charge your glasses and Loop in the battery case. After a complete charge, turn on your glasses and then check the Focals app for a connection.

Submit a report through the Focals app if you are still having trouble reconnecting.

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