First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

I’m not receiving notifications on Focals

If you enable notifications for specific apps (as opposed to all apps), you might only receive some notifications on your display. If the Focals app is running in the background and your glasses are connected, here’s how you can make sure you’re not missing out on notifications:

  • Make sure that Do not disturb is disabled on your glasses. If Do not disturb is enabled, you’ll see an icon like this The Now view on Focals shows the time of day with a Do not disturb icon next to it.on your Now view and won’t receive notifications on your glasses:

  • If you’re still not receiving notifications with Do not disturb disabled, check your notification preferences in the Focals app: Tap Notifications.

    You’ll see a list of all apps on your smartphone that can generate notifications. Enable the apps that you want to send notifications to your glasses.

    The Focals app shows a list of apps that generate notifications on Focals. 

If you’re still not receiving notifications, submit a report through the Focals app. Submitting reports through the app help us find the cause and a resolution for the issue.

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