Use Focals to send and reply to messages using voice to text or Smart Replies (including emojis!)

Move right from your Now view to see Messages. SMS messages that are sent to your regular phone number will display on your Messages view with a visual emoji summary that gets you up-to-speed with your conversations at a glance.

Compose new messages to your 10 favorite or most recent contacts. You can add favorites on Focals or in the Focals app.

A list of Smart Reply options on Focals. 'I'll meet you there' is selected.

Use Smart Replies to quickly respond to conversations or start new ones

The voice to text transcription option is selected.

Say what’s on your mind and have it transcribed into a message

The Add to favorite contacts option is selected.

Add contacts to your favorites so they’re always available in your Compose menu

The Compose icon floats above a message thread.

Move up from your Messages view to compose a new message

A list of 3 contacts on Focals: Sarah, Mark, and Steve.

Select from your 10 most recent or favorite contacts


  For iOS only

Focals come with a private phone number that allows you to send and receive SMS messages. Here is what your contacts will see when they receive a message sent from Focals:
A text message sent from Focals to an iPhone that says 'This is Carly. I'm messaging you from my Focals by North.'


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