Focals help you stay on top of your day by displaying upcoming calendar events on your Now, Notifications, and Calendar views. Move right from your Messages view to see Calendar.

Calendar displays events happening in the next 24 hours and uses your smartphone’s default calendar. Make sure your default calendar is set correctly in your smartphone settings:

  • iCal for iPhones
  • Google Calendar for Android smartphones


To receive Google calendar notifications on your iPhone, import your Google Calendar events into iCal through your iPhone Settings (see this article for help).

The Now view displays a calendar notification for Breakfast with Dan. The event is in 15 minutes.

Your Now view shows you current events or what’s happening next in your calendar

The default Calendar view displays the next calendar event. At 2-4PM, it's Stef's Birthday Party.

Move right from your Messages view to see more upcoming events

A Calendar reminder displays on Focals. Movie night starts in 15 minutes.

Calendar notifications display 15 minutes before a scheduled event


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