Take the scenic route

Explore more and get where you need to be with Focals. Navigate with heads-up directions all while taking in your surroundings.

Walk, Uber, or find your next favorite coffee spot with Places:

  • Start a trip from Focals and view turn by turn walking directions from your Now view

  • Navigation instructions appear in your line of sight, so you can get where you need to go without missing anything along the way

  • Schedule a ride with Uber and Focals will notify you when your driver is nearby

  • Find new places to eat, drink, shop, or visit with a Places voice search

  • Save your favorite locations for quick and easy navigation for future trips


The default Places view on Focals. The current location is at the North Showroom in Brooklyn.

Move right from your Agenda view to see your current location

One of the saved locations on the Places view. This saved location is 'Home.'

Move down from your current location to see any saved locations you might have - like your Home and Work addresses.

The Place Search icon floats above the Places view on Focals.

Move up from your current location and click to start a voice search.

Say a category or address

A restaurant called 'The Poutinerie displays' as a search result on Focals. It has a 4 and a half star customer rating.

Search results tell you the overall customer and price ratings as well as the distance and address

Walk is selected as a navigation option. It's a 32 minute walk.

Click a location or search result to select a navigation option


Uber displays as a navigation option on Focals. The trip costs $4.99 and is a 12 minute ride.

Get walking directions or schedule a ride with Uber 

The notification 'Driver found!' displays on the Now view of Focals. Directions display on the Now view: 'Turn right on Lincoln Street South.'

Turn by turn walking directions and Uber notifications will display on your Now view


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