First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

I can’t reconnect Focals to my smartphone

Make sure your smartphone and your glasses are within close proximity before you try to reconnect. Try to be patient while you wait because a Bluetooth connection can take up to 30 seconds. Try this to connect:

  1. Make sure your glasses are powered on and the Focals app is open. The app will attempt to reconnect to your glasses automatically.
  2. If your glasses don’t reconnect, toggle your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting.
  3. If you still can’t reconnect, restart your glasses.
  4. If the steps above didn’t work, close and reopen your Focals app so it can attempt to reconnect.
  5. And if you still can’t connect, follow these steps:
  • Tap The Menu icon > Device Information.
  • Tap Remove Focals.
  • Open your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and forget Focals from the list of connected Bluetooth devices.
    For iPhone: Forget both Focals devices to remove Focals completely.


The Bluetooth Settings on iOS illustrates how to forget Focals devices.


  • Open the Focals app and try to connect:
  • Tap Pair Focals.
  • Tap Connect.
  • Click Loop to connect.

Submit a report through the Focals app if you are still having trouble connecting.

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