Your Focals app allows you to pair your smartphone to Focals and Loop, customize alerts and sounds, view app permissions, and much more.

Never miss a moment. Always have your Focals app open on your smartphone and running in the background when you use Focals glasses.

Here's a quick guide to the customization and settings at your fingertips in the Focals app:

Focals app Home
When you open your Focals app, you'll see your connection status, battery life, and alignment button. This is the default view when you open the app. From this screen you can:

Submit feedback or report a problem at any time using the feedbackIcon.png icon at the top right of the screen.

Menu menuIcon.png
Change notification preferences and other settings:

The menu within the Focals app expanded so all options appear.


Change which app notifications will display on your glasses. Tap a slider to change your preferences.

Set your Home and Work addresses.
Amazon Alexa
Start using Alexa’s voice control features by logging in with your Amazon account in the Focals app. Press and hold the button on your Loop to ask Alexa anything, any time.
Schedule a ride with Uber on your glasses. Sign in to your Uber account in the Focals app to grab an Uber on-the-go.
View your Calendar, Location, Contacts, and Notification permissions. You can change these from your smartphone's settings.
iOS: Phone Number Verification
Verify your phone number so you can use two way messaging with Focals.
Customize your settings for Loop clicks, measurement unit (Metric or Imperial), and Automatic Driving Detection.
Device Information
Discover everything you need to know about your Focals glasses and Loop, including battery life, serial numbers, and software versions. You can manually check for software updates for your Focals but we'll automatically notify you when a new version is available. If you want to remove Focals or Loop, you can do that from this screen too.


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