Reply to a message

Click a message to start a reply. Move right or left to select one of the two options from the action menu:

Smart reply icon       Voice icon
Smart Replies       Voice to text

Use Smart Replies

Stay on-topic and keep your conversations going with a single Loop click.

  1. With the Smart reply icon selected, move up or down to view Smart Replies (including emojis!)
  2. Click a Smart Reply to send it.

Smart reply messages appear below the smart reply icon on Focals.

Voice to text

Speak your mind and have your words transcribed into a message.

  1. Select and click The voice icon to start Voice to text. Focals will listen for your voice.
  2. Say your reply out loud. When you're done, stay silent for a few moments or click Loop. Focals will populate a transcription of your voice message on your display.
  3. When you're ready to send your message, select and click The Send icon
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