Software update 1.84 - Voice-to-text in French

With new features for your notifications, messages, and daily commute, discover what's new in 1.84:

  • Time to leave: Focals can suggest when you should leave for work or commute home so you can get there at your usual time.

The Now view displays the time to work. It says, 'Arrive in 25 minutes by car.'

  • Start navigation from Messages: If you receive a message with an address, click the message and select the Location icon to start a trip to that location.

  • Snooze notifications: Need to follow up on a notification later, but don't want to lose track of it? Snooze any notification for an hour from the Notifications view.

The Notifications view on Focals with the 'Snooze notification for 1 hour' option selected.

Click a notification to expand it.

Click again and select the Snooze icon to snooze the notification.


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