Software update 1.78 - Tips, Saved Places & Maurice

We are continuing to squash bugs and add some fun features to make your experience using Focals even better. Here’s what’s new:


When you visit a restaurant, venue, or event center, you’ll see a helpful tip when you access your Now view.

The top tip for Canoe restaurant is 'Try the pineapple dish!'

Saved places

Saved places are better integrated between Alexa and Focals.

Search for a place with Alexa and click to see the option to add it to your saved places list. 


Have you met Maurice the moose? He’s the star of the jumping game now available on Focals.

Find Maurice by moving to your Notifications view. Clear any notifications you might have then move up and click the Game icon to start the game.

The jumping game on Focals. Maurice the moose stands on some grass and the text 'click to start' floats above him.

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