Software update 1.77 - Screenshot

Version 1.77 brings a new screenshot feature to the Focals app, making it easy to share what you see on Focals on your favorite social media platforms or contacts.

Take a screenshot

  1. Tap menuIcon.png > Screenshot.
  2. While using Focals, navigate to the view you want to use as a screenshot.
  3. In the app, tap Take a Screenshot.
  4. Tap Share to upload the photo to your favorite social app or as a message to a friend.

The Focals app screenshot feature displays a message sent from Focals to a contact named Sarah. It says 'Thinking of you.'


Add a personal touch to your screenshot with a photo. Tap Camera and capture a photo with your smartphone.

The 'Thinking of you' message sent to Sarah from Focals floats within a photo of a building with blue skies above.

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