Manage daily tasks

Keep track of your most pressing to-do's from Calendar. Add new tasks and cross them off as you complete them with just some quick Loop presses and your voice:

Add a task

  1. On the Calendar view, click your Daily Task summary.
  2. Click the Add icon. If you already have one or more tasks, move up from your detailed task list and click the Add icon.

    The Add Task icon floats above the daily task list.
  3. Use your voice and say your task out loud. You’ll see a transcription of the task on your display.
  4. Click to save the task to your list.

Mark a task as complete

  1. On the Calendar view, click your Daily Task summary to expand it.
  2. Select the task and click to mark it as complete.
    • Done! That task is crossed off of your list. Completed tasks disappear from your list after 8 hours.

The 'Practice presentation' task marked as complete.

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