Use Rewind

Take quick notes and stay focused during meetings with Rewind - no typing or pencil required.

Rewind records 30 second audio snippets during scheduled meetings, letting you stay present in important conversations while still documenting key takeaways to revisit after.


Rewind can only be enabled for calendar events that are currently happening or in progress. Make sure that the calendar you want to use is synced with the default calendar on your smartphone before using Rewind.

Start Rewind

Here’s how you can use Rewind for your next meeting:

  1. From your Now view, click a calendar event that's currently happening.
  2. Move right and click the Rewind icon to enable Rewind. Focals will start recording audio.

    The Now view shows Rewind listening. It says 'Click to save the past 30 seconds'
  3. Click to save 30 second audio snippets at a time.
    • After the meeting, you'll receive an email from North with your transcriptions.

Stop Rewind

Rewind will stop automatically when your scheduled meeting ends, but you can stop Rewind earlier by following these steps:

  1. On your Now view, click the calendar event that has Rewind enabled.
  2. Move right and click the Disable Rewind icon to stop Rewind.
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