Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Software update 1.89 - Focals App Task List

Even Better Meetings   

This week, we spent some time perfecting what we built for meeting and calendar features on Focals. Here's what's new and improved in software update 1.89:

Task Lists on Android

The new Task List feature in the Focals Android app lets you keep tabs on your to-do's, cross them off, or add new tasks right from the app. Tasks added here will also appear on Focals on your Calendar view, giving you the flexibility to manage tasks from your phone or Focals.

4 tasks display on the Task List menu within the Focals app.

Tap the Menu icon > Task List to manage your daily tasks from the Focals app.


Rewind Fixes

We spent time fixing some critical issues with Rewind and made the feature much easier to use and find.


Click a meeting or calendar event that's happening on your Now view to start Rewind.

Rewind also now automatically ends when the meeting is scheduled to end, and you'll notice we worked on making transcriptions and audio files sent after meetings more useful to you.

Transcriptions for the meeting 'Team Picnic Planning' display within an email message.

Learn more about using Rewind with Focals.

More Departure Times for Transit

We improved how your transit experience works while you're on your trip.

You can now check the nearest transit station's departure times whenever you'd like (not just during regular commuting hours). Always know when the next bus, train, or subway will arrive - without skipping a beat.

Improved Meeting Responses

Now you can let meeting organizers and attendees know that you're on your way to the meeting.

The 'I'm on my way' meeting response selected on the Focals display.

Click a Calendar event in your Now view to see this new response option.

We also understand that GIFs aren't always appropriate for meeting responses, so we've removed GIFs that were included in previous meeting response messages.

An email message to meeting attendees reads, 'Carly will not be attending 'Team Meeting'.

Here's how you can send meeting responses from Focals.

Enhancements and Squashed Bugs

We've fixed the crashes, bugs, and other bad things that are happened due to how quickly we release new features.

If you encounter something that goes wrong or doesn't look right, don't forget that you can submit a report or feedback in the Focals app. This helps us catch bugs quickly and squash them sooner for a better Focals experience.

More updates

We're regularly releasing features on Focals. Check back here often to know what's new.

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