iOS: Share what you see on Focals

If you use Focals with an iPhone, you can now share what you see on Focals with other people using your camera. There's two sharing modes you can try through the Focals app: Lenscast and Wonderland.


Lenscast places your Focals display on top of your smartphone's live camera feed, making it easy to demonstrate what you see when you use Focals. Here’s how to start using Lenscast:

  1. In the Focals app and with Focals connected, select the Lenscast icon
  2. Click Loop and move through the views to show what you see on Focals.
  3. Hold up your iPhone to have what you see float along with your surroundings.

Focals Lenscast in action. The display floats with an iPhone's camera feed, showing the time, a text message, and the weather.


Have friends take Focals for a test drive through Wonderland. Wonderland is an interactive demo that lets others try on Focals to see the display for themselves.

Because Focals were made and tailored for you, here’s your friends or family can customize the display so it’s visible for them:

  1. In the Focals app and with Focals connected, select the Wonderland icon
  2. Follow the prompts in the app and on Focals, bringing the display into your field of view. Tap Next when you can see the display.
  3. Tap through the options to customize the display. You’ll see display brightness and clarity change on Focals as you select different options. Tap Next when you find an option that works best for you.

    A tutorial for changing display options for Wonderland demos in the Focals app.
  4. Click Loop and start to look around. Watch as Wonderland's landscape moves with you.
  5. Click to send messages, play a game, or discover a great coffee spot.

The Wonderland landscape pans across a mural. A mailbox opens, a concert is happening, and Maurice the Moose jumps.

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