Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Software update 1.90 - Sports, Language Flashcards & Trivia

Smarter downtime 

For those brief moments you have in waiting rooms, long lines, or just when you’re feeling a bit bored, you can now use Focals to catch up on the latest sports scores and test your knowledge.

This update introduces 3 new views - Sports, Flashcards, and Trivia - to help you get instant play-by-play updates for your favorite NHL or NBA teams (just in time for the playoffs!) brush up on your language skills and vocabulary, and compete with other Focals users in a daily game of Trivia.

Sports Updates

Never miss a hat trick or slam dunk this playoff season with the new Sports view.

Navigate past your Weather view whenever an NHL or NBA game starts to see play-by-play updates and scores in real-time. Post-game, you can also check the final scores without needing to pull out your phone.

A game reminder displays on Focals. It says 'Game starting soon! Get play-by-play updates from the Sports view.'

Navigate to the Sports view to see real time updates.

 Move down to view final scores or more games.

Language Flashcards

Learn key phrases in different languages so you can practice on-the-go with Flashcards on Focals.

From greetings to asking for directions, get quick language lessons right on your glasses so you can get productive with your spare time. Right now, Focals support French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Mandarin), and Arabic.

The language lesson 'One to Ten' is selected and 100% complete.

Navigate just past your Weather view to select a language and a lesson topic from the Flashcards view.


Click to flip through flashcards and, if your volume is on, you’ll hear the correct pronunciation play from the speaker.

Daily Trivia Challenge

Compete against other Focals users with the Daily Trivia Challenge. Whether you’re a history buff, movie maven, or pop culture fanatic, there’s new questions available each and every day in the Trivia view.

Move right from the Flashcards view to start today’s game. Trivia resets at 2:00AM EST, so check back tomorrow to see if you can prove you’re a Trivia master.

The question 'What is one translation of 'Nintendo' displays on Focals. The correct answer, 'To leave luck to heaven' is selected.

When you start the day's challenge, click a question to select an answer.

Trivia stats from a completed trivia challenge display.

Move down to see your score and ranking against other Focals users.

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We're regularly releasing features on Focals. Check back here often to know what's new.

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