Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Software update 1.85 - Meeting Responses, Rewind & Calendar Tasks

Better meetings

Calendar events now display on your Now view for their entire duration.

No need to navigate to Calendar to see where you're going next - you can move down to see your upcoming calendar events directly from the Now view.

Running late

If you're a bit behind schedule, use Focals to let meeting organizers and attendees know you'll be late or you can't make it.

The current calendar even displays on the Now view. It says 'Ends in 30 mins, Team Meeting'

On your Now view, click the Calendar for response options.

The message 'I'm running late' selected.

Select a response and click to send it to the attendees and meeting organizer.

An email message that says 'Carly is running late to Team Meeting.'

Your response will send as an email to the meeting organizer and attendees.


Take quick notes and stay focused on the conversation with Rewind. Enable Rewind for a meeting so you can ditch the pen and paper and use Loop to capture notes using your voice.

After the meeting, you'll receive an email from North with your Rewind notes.

The 'Start Rewind' option is selected.

Click a current meeting from your Now view. Select and click Start Rewind.

The Now view shows Rewind listening. It says 'Click to save the past 30 seconds'

While Rewind is listening, click to save the last 30 seconds of conversation.

A confirmation message says 'Rewind saved! We'll email you after the meeting.'

All audio snippets from Rewind will be shared with you in an email at the end of the meeting (or sooner if you stop Rewind before the meeting ends).

Daily Tasks

You can now keep track of your most pressing to-do's from your Calendar view. Add new tasks and cross them off as you complete them with just some quick Loop presses and your voice.

Daily tasks appear on the Calendar view. It says 'You have 4 tasks today.'

Find Daily Tasks on your Calendar view. Click to see your task list. (if you don't have any tasks, click to add one).

The Add Task icon floats above the daily task list.

Move up from your task list and click the Add icon Use your voice to add a new task.

The 'Practice presentation' task marked as complete.

Click on any task to mark it as complete.

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