First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Learn more here

First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
Manufacturing and sales have ended as of December 3, 2019. Learn more here.

Control presentations with Focals Connect

Use Focals to nail your next big presentation with Focals Connect and Google Slides. With your own personal teleprompter right in your line of sight and effortless slide controls with Loop, you’ll be able to deliver engaging presentations without missing those key details.

Connect to Google Chrome

Before you present, you’ll need to connect Focals with Google Chrome:

  1. Install the Focals Connect Google Chrome Extension.
  2. On your browser’s toolbar, select the Focals Connect extension icon Focals connect icon
  3. Select Generate Connect Code. You’ll need this code to connect Focals with your Google Chrome browser.
  4. On Focals, navigate to the Focals Connect view.
  5. Click with Loop to connect to Google Chrome.
  6. Use Loop to enter the code and click when you’re done

Focals displays 'Click to Connect' for the Focals Connect Chrome Extension.A Connect Code from Focals Connect entered on the Focals display.

Use presentation controls

Skip slides and scroll through speaker notes with Loop:

  1. Have your Google Slides presentation open in a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Start presenting from your Google Chrome browser using Presenter View.
    The Presenter view option selected on a Google Slides presentation.
  3. On Focals, navigate to your Focals Connect view.
  4. Use Loop and start presenting:
  • Move up or down to scroll through your speaker notes
  • Move right to skip to the next slide
  • Move left to go to the previous slide

Loop presentation controls with Focals Connect. Up and down are for scrolling, left and right skip slides. Speaker notes on camping in Canada on the Focals display.

Disconnect from Google Chrome

Done presenting? Here’s how you can disconnect from Google Chrome:

  1. On Focals, click the active slide. You’ll see the action menu appear.
  2. Select chrome_disconnect.png and click smart_icon_selected_copy_2x.png to disconnect.
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