Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Focals support and services are being discontinued as of July 31st, 2020.
Learn more here.

Software update 1.92 - Conversation Awareness & Quick Actions

Less digital distraction

With countless apps vying for your attention, it can be tricky to maintain a balance between acting on your important digital demands and staying present for your in-person conversations and commitments.

Focals bring all of the notifications you need into your line of sight, but we know that some situations like meetings or desk-side chats often demand your full attention. To help you focus and combat distraction, we’re releasing two new features that give you more control over your incoming notifications - so you can go ahead and give your undivided attention to the people (and things) that matter most to you.

Conversation detection mode

Stay connected and more engaged in your conversations with this new (and smarter) Do not disturb setting.

Each time you receive a notification with conversation detection mode Conversation detection icon enabled, Focals will check to see if you’re talking or listening to people speak around you. Incoming notifications are auto-snoozed so you can be distraction-free. Any messages you get from favorite contacts will still get through to you.

When Focals think you’re done, you’ll see a summary of what you missed display on your Now view. Click the Now Moment to catch up with your snoozed notifications from the Notifications view.

Your conversations are kept private

When you enable conversation detection, Focals only check for a conversation when a notification comes in and are not passively listening.

Your conversations aren’t recorded on Focals, so nothing is sent to the cloud or stored on our servers.

The Do not disturb setting on Focals changes to conversation detection.

Move up from your Now view and toggle your Do not disturb setting to enable conversation detection.

A Snoozed summary Now Moment displays 10 snoozed notifications: 2 from people, 8 from apps.

When your conversation ends, click the summary Now Moment to review the notifications you missed.

Custom Notification Quick Actions

Manage your notifications with some new Loop shortcuts.

When you receive a notification on Focals, move left or right with Loop to silence the notifications you don’t need or snooze the ones you need to come back to.

Customize these Notification Quick Actions in the Focals app:

  • Clear: Clears the notification from Focals on your Notifications view. (For Android, this clears the notification from your smartphone, too)

  • Smart Snooze: Snoozes the notification until the next available time in your calendar so you can catch up when you’re free.

  • None: Dismisses the notification and sends it to your Notifications view.
The Settings menu in the Focals app.

Select the Menu icon > Settings to customize your notification quick actions.

A message from Sarah becomes snoozed until 3:00 in the afternoon.

Move left or right to quickly snooze, clear, or dismiss incoming notifications.

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