Software update 1.103 - Quick Launch and Music ID

Quick Launch and Music ID 

Press and hold Loop to see the newest action menu on Focals: Quick Launch. Quick Launch helps you access a few of your favorite experiences you already know - like Alexa and Maurice’s jumping game - and adds a new Music ID feature. No more fumbling for your phone when you hear a great song playing. Press and hold Loop, select Music ID, and Focals will take care of the rest.

Want to listen to the song again later? Click the song and add it to your Liked Songs playlist in Spotify. Make sure you’re signed in with your Spotify account in the Focals app before you like songs on-the-go.

Quick Launch action menu on Focals.

Press and hold Loop to access the new Quick Launch action menu.

Music ID says the song is 'Back for more' by Glassio.

Move right to use Music ID.
Click a song to start building your Liked Songs playlist in Spotify.

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