First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
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First generation Focals are no longer available for purchase.
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Software update 1.102 - Tasks with Todoist

Todoist Ability: Check!  

In the 1.100 update, we announced the new Tasks view with a Google Tasks ability to help you keep track of your to-do’s across all of your devices - Focals included!

Now, you can add Todoist to the list of supported task apps on Focals:

  1. Download the Todoist app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. In the Focals app, enable the Todoist ability and sign in with your Todoist account.
  3. Add some tasks and watch them sync to the Tasks view on Focals.
  4. Click to mark tasks as complete or add new ones using your voice.
Todoist Projects on Focals. The project 'Finances' is selected.

Todoist tasks are organized by Projects.
Click a Project from the Tasks view on Focals to see related tasks.

Todoist tasks on Focals. The task 'Submit expense report' is highlighted.

Click Add a task and create new tasks using your voice.
Click a task to mark it as complete.


If you have a Todoist Premium account, you can click a completed task to mark it as not completed.

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